Index of Creative Capital of Russia. Krasnodar

Produced in association with PwC in Russia and to be launched later this year, the index is designed to gauge key economic indicators that make for more innovative cities. 

Focusing on nine pilot cities (listed here in alphabetial order), it will reveal the vital qualitative aspects
of creative life — such as openness, as well as racial, sexual, gender and religious diversity —
that very few organisations have ever tried to examine comprehensively.
This selection, compiled with the help of local researchers, writers and photographers, is just a little taste of a bubbling
grass-root scene that is slowly but steadily changing Russia for the better.

Креативный капитал Российских городов. Краснодар.

Вcвязи с возрастающим значением креативности как ресурса экономического роста, специалисты фонда 
Calvert 22 и PwC в России в 2016 году приступили к разработке Индекса креативного капитала.
Совместно с журналистом Антоном Мэйком мы посетили видных деятелей культуры и бизнеса
формирующих креативную индустрию южной столицы России.

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